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I love, as many people do, serialized fiction. I love to read it and I love to write it. Some of you may be familiar with a website dedicated to serials - jukepopserials.com 

Jukepop has done an outstanding job with their site and making it easy for readers and writers to participate in serials. If you are in the mood to find new fiction in bite-sized format, check it out! It's free and you get to vote and comment on your favorite stories!

If you enjoy writing serials, this is a great place to do it! They are a paying market and ask for 6 months exclusivity past the finish of your story, at which point you are free to publish it wherever else you like.

A few monster hunters have already jumped in and are doing some great stuff! Authors, if you want to describe your stories on this thread, go for it! If anyone else form the Emby family is posting on Jukepop, let me know and I'll post your link! To the readers, enjoy!

1. Jennifer L Barnes gives us The Law Unto Herself Chronicles

2. William R.D. Wood gives us Zulu Time

3. Miles Boothe (me!) is posting Hell's Black Birds


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